Monday, November 9, 2009

Young women in Excellence!

How is it possible that I am attending these activities with my own daughter? How did she grow up so fast? This night was so special and I love when people put in attention to detail and sacrifice so much time to make something memorable and special for the young women in our ward. We have such a small group of girls, and so it would be easy to throw something together and not really care - but the YW leaders really try to go the extra mile and I for one am so grateful!

Princess cake!

Caitlin had to set up a table, which she did by herself, of some of her favorite things to do.
Some things she brought were a tennis racket, piano books, children's book to represent babysitting, a bag that she sewed with her Grandma's help, a boogie board, and a soccer cleat!

The girls each got a tiara and a banner that said Daughter of a King which was their theme for the night!

The whole group - moms, daughters and YW leaders!


Mark and Meghan said...

cute caitlin...i cannot believe she's old enough to be in YW either! crazy.

and we just got the package today...claire and porter fought over who got to open the presents! so they each opened one! THANK YOU heady joe! love you!

Princess Sarah said...

Wow Heather! Looks like a great night! Love the "PRINCESS" (daughter of a King) theme too! (uh-I should have been there representing all princesses)!! HA!

Hazen5 said...

What great YW leaders you got, we got a good one too (Ms. Jamie)! Caitlin did a fabulous job on her table, must run in the family!!!

Can't wait for RJ to meet her.

Okay, got to remember the princess cake for the future!

Melissa-Mc said...

Very cute. We had our Evening of Excellence last week.