Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treat!

How does this night creep up so fast?
This was a year of changing outfits for the older two - Maddie finally settled on being a witch and Caitlin tried being a Goth girl!
Bailey and Parker were easier to keep in costume!

We always have the best time trick-or-treating at the Quinn's house.
The yummy food and Gigi's bread pudding is the best!
Bart and Joe - AKA - Napoleon Dynamite working at In-N-Out!

Me and Cara - Check out that costume she put together - A-MA-ZING!!!

Bailey with Ellie and lauren

Caitlin and Ashlynn
How sad that it's over!
My kids got sooooo much candy that I am for sure asking the Great Pumpkin to come to our house again this year and leave a present for any child that will willingly give away their candy!
I'll let you know how it goes!


MBlairsLars said...

Love it...All the kids looks so grown up.

tammy said...

Looks like fun times!

Rach said...

lOOKS LIKE YOU HAD some fun. you are to busy girl. when do you have time to relax?

Sandy Toes said...

I just love those teeth!
sandy toe

Melissa-Mc said...

Caitlin is the cutest goth girl I've ever seen.

andrea said...

heather - you know i stock your blog! Will you please pass on gigis bread pudding recipe? Andrea m.