Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Witches Brew!

Shoot... I found this really cute little Witches Brew label online and I would share it with you but I don't remember what blog I was on! Help - has anyone come across this? Well, I think it would be easy enough to make on the computer! I bought the mini water bottles for my kids lunches and I took the drinking label off and applied my own. Than, I got some colored drinking drops (they don't change the taste of the water) and I added it to the water bottles. I popped those in their lunch and waited for the reaction. Again - some good some not so good - Parker was really bugged because he thought it was Gatorade!
Can't win them all!



Christina Bambina said...

Ok, now I want kids. I need the excuse to make that! ;-)


Princess Sarah said...

Very cute idea Heather!!!

Marci said...

Heather, you are seriously amazing! I meant to comment yesterday on that dinner too...what lucky kiddos!!!

Sherry said...

Here's the link...


Give your Dad a kiss for me!! Know Mom is in OH!