Friday, August 21, 2009

We really do live in a house!

I feel like every other post we are hanging out at the beach - Sorry people but we live so close and when friends like Jamie want to go - we just have to! It will be so sad when beach days are over!

I can't forget our sweet friend Sarah - we always go out and stay at places until they are close to closing and certain waiters get anxious for us to get out! Just don't move away and than we won't feel so stressed to be with you until midnight!

Here is day two of our countdown to school. We made the cutest little paper necklaces and bracelets! Super easy when you pick up the pack at micheals! Kept them busy for a long least until I got the dishes done!

Tomorrow is blue geletin and swedish fish!
This is mostly for Parker!


Mark and Meghan said...

i miss the beach!

Laura said...

Can't blame you for enjoying the beach! (or a yummy restaurant with good friends, for that matter!)

Melissa-Mc said...

We just got back from a trip to the beach. I envy your closeness to the beach.