Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have hit the 15 year mark and life couldn't be better!
I love the man that I am stuck with for eternity - it's no big secret!
He was meant for me!
We have a tradition of leaving our notebook for one another when it is a special holiday, our birthdays, Anniversary, etc. So, I found this on our bed this morning. Bart is in Vegas so I won't be able to get the book back to him with a love note - so I will blog it!

I know he will check this at some point today while he is away!
- I love that he still wants to hold my hand and
three squeezes means I love you

- I love that he thanks me when I cook a meal
(probably because they are far and few between)

- I love that he will listen to me rant and rant about my day
and calm me instantly by saying something sweet and rational

- I love that he is the eternal romantic
and plans so many things so that we can be together

- I love that even when I am angry - what? me angry?
- he can still make me laugh (especially when I don't want to)

- I love that I can never get his attention
when he is holding his kids on the couch watching
the Disney channel (especially Hannah Montana)

- I love that he genuinely cares about other people and treasures his calling in church because it gives him the opportunity to serve

- I love that he daily builds me up
and gives me strength I didn't know I had

- I love that 15 years have gone by so quickly
and we have eternity to be together!

Thank you to the sweet boy who married me! I LOVE YOU!!!


tammy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet list. Sounds like you definitely got a keeper.

Princess Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary you two love birds! Cute post! =)

Sandy Toes said...


sandy toe

p.s. I love the 3 squeezes!

Pyatt said...

You are perfect together...I'm so glad you found each other...I still remember your wedding like it was yesterday...I CAN'T believe it's been 15 years...congrats...may we be just like you guys in ten years! :)

Annemarie said...

Happy Anniversary! You are both very lucky to have eachother!!

Rach said...

so cheesy. i think i am going to go throw up. JK. happy anniversary. i am sorry you can't be together. see you soon.

Christina Bambina said...

Happy Anniversary!

Vanessa said...

You are a cute couple! Congrats!

Elizabeth Judd said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love you guys!!

Melissa-Mc said...

Remember we were married on the same day. One our 1st anniversary you called Bart from the MTC and kept saying "happy versary" and we say that every year now too :) Happy Anniversary!!!