Monday, July 13, 2009

Life is back to the Grind - depending on how you look at it!

It is so hard to come back from vacation - so we decided to not unpack or do laundry but continue the vacation at home!
We have a summerly tradition of spending FHE with our family on Monday nights at the beach! We love it!
We went to Corvette Diner's for dinner and than we were off to Del Mar beach! There is nothing better than the beach at nighttime!

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Rod!

Cousin Riley was in town for a few days!

Parker was crazy in the water tonight! I have my work cut out for me this Summer!

Maddie could live in the water!

Bart caught some really great waves!

I must admit that I got a little emotional as I watched Bailey and Grandpa scouring the beach for seashells.

These two played cards and laid out most of the time!

I love this little Space cadet!


katie said...

how fun!!! i am so jealous of the beach... & your vacations! we havent been able to get out of farmpit yet, because all our family keeps coming here...

cute kids! parker is getting so big :)

Pyatt said...

That is a great tradition...we can get Grandpa Jim to the beach about once a year!!

Mark and Meghan said...

fun...i wanna come!

Hazen5 said...

Every Monday? Now that's the life!

tammy said...

Okay, I want to spend FHE's on the beach this summer!!