Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Bear!

How do you thank your friends for creating such a perfect get away? One where your kids all treat each other like cousins, the adults have way too much fun playing Rock Band, eating ice cream, laughing at Brian Regan, and going out to yummy restaurants?
My kids were in Heaven when we went away with the Foss Family to Big Bear! They got to shoot a BB gun (who knew they would be so obsessed) carve walking sticks out of twigs, go on nature scavenger hunts, hit a pinata, get their face painted, go out on their boat, make popcorn from a popcorn machine, eat zucchini bread made by Cara (my kids are begging for more of that yummy stuff) and just enjoy being together!
All my kids keep saying now, is "When are going back to big Bear?"

They had such a cool "Sundance" type cabin!

Loading the BB gun!

I love this little man!

Best ever Deep Dish pizza!

These two loved the popcorn machine!

Collecting Bugs!

Look at those painted faces!

Big Bear Scavenger Hunt!

Pinata time!

Out on the lake in the boat!

Making and eating up smores!

Rock band and ice cream = perfect combo!

Cara and Joe - any time you want us to go - our bags are packed!
Actual best line from the trip - Joe Foss said, "If I had a nickle for every time we said 'Let's hang out with the Sadleir's,' I'd have at least ten cents!"
We love you in spite of your bad sense of humor! (That was a joke, right?)


Elizabeth Judd said...

what a fun weekend! I wish I knew someone with a cabin! I'm glad your kids all got along there too!!

MBlairsLars said...

You guys make me so jealous....wish I was there. Can't wait to see you guys.

kguiness said...

How fun! Cutest picture of Parker driving the boat!

Pyatt said...

So fun...glad you could get away!! Good luck with your crazy week!

tammy said...

Looks like the perfect getaway. I'd stay on their good side ; )

Rach said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. When are you coming home?

Joe foss said...

Bad sense of humor, huh? Hope you enjoyed your first and LAST trip to the cabin!!!

Mark and Meghan said...

so fun! love when my kids are with friends and i don't really have to watch them!

Melissa-Mc said...

That seriously looks like such a fun family vacation!

KelleyAnne said...

We used to go to Big Bear with Marci, Mack and Kayley when we lived in Redlands. It was so much fun. You took me down memory lane ~ minus, face painting and some of the other fabulous things you guys did.. oh darn.