Monday, May 4, 2009

Maddie is 10!

This morning there were breakfast burritos made with love by Dad! helloo? It is Cinco de Mayo!

This was the sign Maddie read when she opened the front door!
Grandpa Rod and Grandma Sue came over to decorate the front yard! It looked so cute! There were presents, balloons and candles hanging from the branches.

Today Maddie turns 10! The big double digits! Hard to believe! We really love this girl and in honor of turning ten, here are ten reasons why we love our Meemsy!!

1. Maddie always has a smile to share! Honestly, she really is a happy kid!

2. Maddie is the biggest cuddle-bug! You can be upset with her for something and she still wants to love and kiss you! She has a such a good heart!

3. This girl is super athletic! Anything she attempts to do, she does well and has a lot of natural abilities!
4. Maddie will always do something to get a laugh! She has many jokes and funny stories to tell!
5. Maddie loves little kids and she can't wait to babysit someday!
6. Maddie really enjoys being outside and doing something active - that girl can go and go and go!
7. Maddie is our only tom-boy! She can rough and tumble and never minds being dirty!
8. Maddie is a great swimmer! She is on the swim team and quite the freestylin, backstrokin', breaststrokin' swimmer!
9. Maddie is a good big sister to little Bailey and Parker! She is in charge of taking Bailey to class and picking her up! She also helps me sooooo much by playing with Parker - they like the same games!
10. Maddie is our little Ham - and I mean it! She makes other people laugh and does such silly things!
Happy Birthday GIRL!!!


Mark and Meghan said...

happy birthday mat mat! love you so much!

Annemarie said...

Such a cute girl!

MBlairsLars said...

Happy Birthday to a super girl. Your the best Maddie!

KelleyAnne said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! What a great birthday smart of you to be born on Cinco de Mayo. We have a 5/5 birthday too. Birthday Hugs.

Princess Sarah said...

I agree! Maddie is SUCh a sweeat girl! I miss being her primary teacher sooooo much! Happy Birthday Maddie!

Sarah :o)

Sandy Toes said...

Happy Birthday!
sandy toe

Elizabeth Judd said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! we love you so much! HOpe you have a fun day!!!

Pam Mueller said...

Happy Birthday Maddie
From Rebecca

are you playing soccer? I am and I finally scored a goal!

Melissa-Mc said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie. She is such a cute mix of both her mom and dad.

Taryn said...

Maddie, Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you and hope you had a GREAT day!

Christina Bambina said...

what a great birthday month!!!! Happy Birthdy!!!

Diane Riding said...

My beautiful little Maddie!! All of those pictures are so darling......they capture the essence of our Maddie!! She truly is every one of the descriptions you so sweetly described! Happy, happy birthday, sweet beautiful Maddie! Grandma and Grandpa love you soooooo much!!! x0x0x0x0