Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am feeling the LOVE!!!

Adam Lambert I had the chance to see Adam Lambert when he came to San Diego today.. but instead I went to the World's Best Mother's Day parties at my kiddies schools.

First off was Parker's class. A-Ma-Zing is all I can say. We were seated at the cutest tables and Parker came over with a little menu of food that I could pick from. He then delivered the items I ordered to Mr. Joe (his teacher) who than cooked up the yummiest breakfast. After eating, we watched the kids perform songs and poems abut Mother's Day. Parker was the letter T for Terrific. When they were done, each Mom was given a necklace that had our names on it and we each got a personalized DVD of questions and the answers that our kids gave about us. Too funny - some of the highlights - Parker said that I am 65 years old and that I way 5 and a hundred pounds. (I sound like an old elephant!) I love that boy!

Than we were off to Bailey's class for a Mother's Day party. We had cake and strawberries and the kids did some read-alouds and poems. What a special day!

The kids were really excited about tonight as their dad invited them to sleep in the tent he had set up in our backyard. They watched movies, ate popcorn, and stayed up way too late!

Between the hydrangeas and the flowers Bart got me for Mother's Day - I was really feeling the love today!
Sorry Adam - we'll have to meet some other time!


Elizabeth Judd said...

I cannot believe Parker's teacher did all of that! How cute! What a fun night last night too! I"m sure the kids loved sleeping in the tents, but they are probably so tired today huh?!

Rach said...

What a great mother's day treat. We are crashing your ward tomorrow since we need to be up with damon's fam early. See you tomorow.

MBlairsLars said...

I love it. Isn't it great to be a mom around Mother's Day!

tammy said...

Looks like the perfect day - for everyone!

We used to camp out in the backyard like that too. And my dad would have to drag the little TV outside. I was so much fun.

Pyatt said...

how cute that the schools teach their kids to appreciate their moms...I love it!! Parker's teacher...HELLO!! does he cost extra or what? That is amazing!! Anyway--you look so happy with your kiddos...and let's be honest...I like Kris Allen better than Adam anyway!!

Annemarie said...

I'd pick Parker over Adam any day!!

Amy said...

Umm...guess I've missed a few posts. Took me a while to catch up:)

Kids are much better than the Adam Lamberts of the world....although Ashlynn and Mackenna did have a good time, nothing can compare to being Mom and being appreciated!

Mark and Meghan said...

mr not normal! how amazing is he?! parkito is a lucky kid. and cute that bart took them outside for a sleepover!