Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fischer's baptism!

My twin sister's little boy Fischer, was baptized on Saturday so we made a day of it and went up to their home to be together.
The baptism was great ( I still need to add a picture of all of us)
and than we went to Jen's house after for dinner and to let the kids play with their cousins.

My dad and Fischer riding around the neighborhood

Jen and I - always close by the food!

All the kids spent time making candy Easter necklaces that my mom brought for them.
Parker was smart - He would eat two of them and than lace one of them.
He stayed at it for at least a half hour!

Can't miss out on the brownie bowls that Grandma made with ice cream and hot fudge!


Pam Mueller said...

I loved the picture of your Dad. Our family misses him. He is one in a million and you are so lucky to have him. I wish he was here or better yet, we were still there!

Rach said...

Looks fun. So if we move out to temecula will you come visit?

diane said...

You and Jen are too cute. Where did Jen get blonde kids from?