Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love baking and creating new goodies for the holidays. Two years ago I made these little egg shaped edible paper cookies. They were beautiful and a big hit with my friends.

Last year, I cranked out about 100 Easter cupcakes and put little Easter sugar cookies and jelly beans on top. Those were really fun to package up an deliver.
So... this Easter is fast approaching and I chanced upon these beautiful spring color M&M's. I just need to get creative and think about what to do with them. Any ideas?
If you have one (please have one) and I actually love it and use it - I will send you the cutest little Easter package in return!

Come on creative Ladies... what are your Easter ideas?


Mark and Meghan said...

sorry, not creative at all! but i'd still love an easter box! :)

Kelly said...

I have no idea (least creative person on the planet) but if I make one up can I get a box?

ikkinlala said...

This might be too similar to what you did last year, but I'm going to share it anyway because those M&M's brought back memories for me. When I was a little kid, my grandma used to bake angel food cakes for birthdays, and she always decorated them with (Canadian) Smarties. She didn't skimp on the chocolate - they looked like mosaics rather than icing with a few Smarties. I think the M&M's would make great little flower garden mosaics on cupcakes or cookies... or maybe brownies?

Annemarie said...

my m&m cookies.

Oh wait...just send me the m&m's and I'll make the cookies. K?

The Young Family said...

Heather-I don't usually comment, I just stalk and copy your cute ideas, but I can't resist a challenge! What about these done in spring colors with your cute M&M's.

Who wouldn't want these on a stick or not?!

Pam Mueller said...

You are the queen of cute ideas, don't you know we all steal from you?? So come on, give me some ideas!

tammy said...

Um..yeah...we come to you for the ideas!