Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day!

Holy moly - Do the pictures keep coming or what?
If you can't handle the Easter overload - skip this post! I just have to document it though! We had such a fun time (as usual) at my sister's house for Easter. We do the typical "eat till you burst" - egg hunt - Easter Egg roll (honestly - the best part) and some adult time card games! It's always sad to have the good times end! I wish we all lived right next to one another and could do this all of the time!

Walking down to the Egg Roll

Rob - The official Egg Roller

This was the track that the eggs came rolling down.
This year's egg roll winners!

Getting ready for the egg hunt!

The twins are too cute!

Bailey and Parker in their Easter outfits!

Playing cards!

Happy Easter!


Mark and Meghan said...


Anonymous said...

very cute pictures!!!!

Sandy Toes said...

What cute fun pictures!
sandy toe

Elizabeth Judd said...

that was so much fun! I just "wished that i didn't get full that day!" All of the food was so good!

Pam Mueller said...

ok, so what is an egg roll? You did it on a hill? If it is what I think it is, we have only done it on a flat surface in the grass.
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Melissa-Mc said...

The Easter Egg roll adds quite the different twit to a Easter egg hunt.

Christina Bambina said...

I see there was an easter fairy as well!!! ;)) cute cute cute!