Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The April Fools Fairy in me might just be busy tomorrow...

There might be a couple of raisins shoved up the tubes of toothpaste to be squirted out and look pretty creepy!


There might be stickers all over my kids bodies when they wake up in the morning (thanks to their dad)

They might just want cereal that I have pre-poured into their bowls (tonight) and put a couple of drops of food coloring underneath it so when the milk is poured on top it will turn a nice shade of bright blue... or green...or red... or yellow (depending on your bowl)
And... I might have some baked "cupcakes" waiting for anxious little hungry kids when they come home from school. I really can't wait for that one.

Oh... I just love APRIL FOOLS... especially when you have kids!

You know I will post pictures of the madness later!!
Wish me luck!
What are your tricks?


Bethany said...

Wait.... what are the cupcakes??

tammy said...

Love it.

Mashed potatoes and gravy that is really vanilla ice cream and caramel topping served with green colored meatloaf.

I almost thought of showing up at the school to check my 12 yr old out early, then when he got to the office, saying April Fool's and sending him back to class, but I thought that would be too cruel. Since he's always asking to be checked out early.

Pyatt said...

Scrape out the center of oreos and do like a charm everytime!! Orajel on the toothpaste is good for the hubby too...numbs your mouth all morning...and it goes on clear so you can't even tell...hilarious...Jenica did that to me when we were roomates on April Fools

Pam Mueller said...

Wish I read this yesterday! Could have used some help. Oh well, still have to come up with something!
You are a little devil!

Bethany said...

p.s. Per your cleverness, I covered my kids with stickers last night. Hailey and David loved it!

David kept saying, "Stickoo! Stickoo!"

MBlairsLars said...

You are so clever, but next time post your ideas the morning before so I can copy you! Love ya.

CJ Sime said...

Didn't you hear? April Fools Day was canceled.

And you went to all that work!

Melissa-Mc said...

My stomach is lurching after reading the cupcake recipe. Did your kids really eat them...and were they good?

KelleyAnne said...

So please!