Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Laid Plans!

I was determined to work out today and since I couldn't recruit any friends to go with me, I thought I would play nice mom and take the kids to run around the park while I walked laps around the edge on the sidewalk - WELL,,,
We get to the park and I haven't even rounded a lap when Parker tells me has to Poo. Are you kidding me? We go into the nasty restrooms (which have the best smells EVER) and I plunk Parker up on the seat. He does his "business" and as I am helping him pull up his pants the toilet automatically flushes and sprays in my face - Nice... Poo water!
Finally, I am back to pumping my arms and fast walking...when Maddie starts wailing as she fell off of the monkey bars and her elbow is bleeding. So, we walk back to the car to get cleaned up and find a bandaid!
Ughhh.. I am back at it once again. I am rounding the bend to finish two laps (measely 1/2 mile) when Caitlin yells that her friend (our neighbor who I brought with us thinking she would actually play with my kids) has to be home to go shopping with her mom.
Yup...not gonna exercise again for a while!
One final comment - I just ate my fair share of some serious brownie mix!
No pictures - too depressing!


Sandy Toes said...

Brownie mix can be VERY dangerous!
sandy toe

Mark and Meghan said...

oh life! what a wonderful life! :)

Pyatt said...

why are there so many distractions?? they are cute ones though!!

Annemarie said...

What a crappy day. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

tammy said...

I hear you. I had just started to work out last night when my friend called with a crisis, so of course I stopped to talk to her by the time we were done, I needed to get other things done.

{Poo water and nasty bathrooms - yuck!}

Elizabeth Judd said...

haha! that's so sad! I'm sorry Heady-Joe!!

Shaunte Wadley said...

Here is am alternative...I haven't tried the recipe yet, but I have had the (expensive) box version, and they are delish.

You can omit the poo-water if you want to cut extra calories..heh.

Melissa-Mc said...

Better luck next time. I'm impressed that you even tried. Sorry about the toilet :(