Sunday, February 1, 2009

Surprises and Screams!

Mindy - I know you are going to read this and so I will preface that you know how much I love/hate surprises! (especially when I am not expecting anyone/sleeping on the couch/ and no makeup) Yikes! Make that double YIKES!!!
But, I will admit that you were a fun surprise and to hear my kids scream because they are so excited to be with your kids is the BEST!!! Bailey has not stopped talking about Riley and how much she misses her!
We all went to High School Musical On ice - not the best show (LAME) but so fun because we just sat there and talked the entire time!!! So, The surprise was a good one! I promise!
Bailey and Riley at High School Musical
This is what you look like when you are not expecting a long lost friend to come visit! Scary!

The next day, Roxie and I took our kids with the rest of San Diego, CA to the Wild Animal Park! It was a beautiful day but not so fun when you have to wait in line just to pet a goat! Crazy! The things we do for kids!
The whole gang!!!


Melissa-Mc said...

So next time we are in southern cal, we'll try hard not to mysteriously show up on your doorstep :)

Rach said...

i love how you are always the first to comment on my blog. it makes me feel that we talk even though we never see each other. i didn't see your dad at the battalion thing. i need to talk to mindy. looks like you guys had fun.