Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers and a Skype Call

Wow - what a day!
The hubby left for Australia and I am a lone mother with four wild ones!
We woke up to an early morning softball game for caitlin and than I surprised the kiddies with tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in concert movie!
Three of them really liked it and one of them plugged his ears most of the time!
We then went to visit grandma Sadleir (Bart's grandma) and she asked me two different times if I was my children's grandma! I don't think so... but it was a fun little visit and so cute to see her play her ukulele and the kids sang church songs with her.
To top off the night, we got our first Skype call from the hubby and the kids were so excited!
Oh... only nine more days to go!

PS - Parker literally thinks that Bart is hanging out with kangaroos and might actually surprise him with one!

This is what Parker thought of Nick, Joe and Kevin!

I can't wait to Skype again!


Anonymous said...

i love this :) i need to contact Skype.... let's see... who do i want to call me??? i'll have to think of someone GOOD :)

Gretchen Knoblock said...

I seriously am in love with you and your blog! You inspire me to be a better mom!

katie said...

cute heather, you are SUPER mom fo sho! i can always count on your blog for something fun :) and since i never leave my house cause i am parinoid about Nora getting sick, i check up on you a couple times a day ;)

THANK YOU so much for the SUPER CUTE gift for Nora! Paul thought the colors you picked out were "killer". Even though i dont leave my house...i practice using the hooter hider, so i will be PRO when i do venture out again.

p.s. now you have to come to farmington to visit since mimi will be here too!
what a freakin long comment, only cause i love ya heather sadleir

Pyatt said...

Love that you skyped with Barty...he better bring a kangaroo back...I mean with that back yard of'll be famous for a pet like that!

Elizabeth Judd said...

how fun to see the Jonas Brothers! I'm sure that was so fun! i love that whole skype thing too! thats awesome!!

Melissa-Mc said...

I've never Skyped, but it looks ways cool. I love the picture of Parker with the fingers in the ears.

Mark and Meghan said...

cool skype phone call! and i thougth mom got you those tickets...where's the credit head?? :) just kidding. i love you...sad that i missed you this weekend. it was WAY too fast!

sarah said...

You know you went to that Jonas Bros movie because you secretly love them like I do! I jam out to them all the time. I blog just for you- you know that right!!! xoxoxo

Princess Sarah said...

OMG Jonas Bros?? HAHAHA! Looks like you are doing a good job so far without Bart!! I love Skype! It was sure a blessing when John was gone. If you want me to come help with the kiddies--I will--Im not as clever as you though--email me!! :)