Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy COLD President's DAY!!

The cousins spent the night - so there has been a lot of Guitar Hero, Hot Chocolate, movies and a post Valentine craft for the girls! Now.. they are off to go bowling (Not much else to do on a rainy day) and I am debating between more hot chocolate and a movie (The Dutchess) or cleaning up the house! What's a mom to pick?

Our cute babysitter Kelli gave the kids some homemade valentines and they loved them!
I am so sad to say goodbye to such a fun holiday!


Sandy Toes said...

Her hair is so very cute!! I love the little bow!
-sandy toe

Mark and Meghan said...

it's cold here too! :) we just got back from a movie...and now you have st. patrick's day to look forward to!

Pyatt said...

we are celebrating heart day at your house next year...the fun never ends at your place!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

I hope you chose the movie :)

Rachel said...

I really liked the movie, I hope you chose that option, it was pretty sad though be warned and ready!