Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy or Cards from Grandpa? It's a toss up!

Thanks Grandpa!

I don't know what my kids were more excited about - going trick-or-treating or finding letters in the mailbox from Grandpa Rod! I actually wouldn't let them open their Halloween cards until costumes were on, the house picked up, and dinner eaten... I'm just mean like that!
Mummy Dog Dinner!!


Mark and Meghan said...

cute dogs heather...and cute idea from grandpa rod. and YES you are just mean like that :)

i cannot believe parker's class...they went all out. porter's was pretty much JUST a costume parade...not even really decorated! what's up with that?

and sweet bailey..that is so cute her excitement to see you!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool to get all that fun mail!

and i love a good mummy dog!