Sunday, October 12, 2008

I won Something!

I know I know Hard to believe - right? Little old me who never wins anything!Wink!
I am super excited about this little prize as I was browsing through blogs (like I normally do because I sit here with my leg elevated all day) and I found a darling crafty blog called The Nesting Place!

Anyway, she was showing off a necklace she had just purchased and was saying that there would be a giveaway for one. Well, by the time I commented, I was like number 256 - when the contest was over there had been a total of 796 comments....and mine was picked! I mean - come on - what are the odds?

But honestly, CHEER KICKS for me! This jewelry is darling!!! Her website is Lisa Leonard Designs - check it out!

This is the little beauty that I won - with my kids initials inserted!


diane said...

Darling! You deserve a rehab necklace.

jillburke said...

hahah - seriously, WHY do you win everything?!?!?! :) It's bizarre, Heather it really is.

Annemarie said...

WHatever. You win EVERYTHING. Whatever.

Cute necklace.

Elizabeth Judd said...

I seriously don't understand how you win everything! That's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO!!! that is great! that is a really Cute necklace!!!!

♥ you won on my blog, too....and you will be getting it in the mail probably tomorrow!!! ♥

you are a WINNER!!!!

Mark and Meghan said...'re soo do you win everything??!! someone's got their eye on you up there?! love the necklace. a girl in my ward just bought one and it is darling. maybe i'll get one when i'm done having kids!

Princess Sarah said...


Bethany said...

That is hilarious! I entered the same contest.

Did you find The Nesting Place from my blog, or someone else's?

tammy said...

Lucky you! Your blog is lots of fun - BTW!