Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am feelin' the LOVE!!!

My sister wrote on my blog that she wants to have surgery so that she can be waited on hand and foot. Well, she got me thinking about my situation that I am presently in, and I must admit that I am feeling very loved and spoiled!

Here are some things that I am feeling thankful for today!!

I had three of these! (I know...I am a bit obsessed!) not all in one day, mind you!

Rachel brought some homemade banana bread!

Cara brought me a chicken portobello sandwich for lunch today!

This girl calls to check on me literally every single day to see how I am doing!

This was left on our doorstep by some friends!

Three of these have been delivered and devoured!

Sue has been my secret angel - she has literally done all of our ironing, been raising our youngest boy Parker, brought yummy treats for us to munch on from Trader Joes, and bought me a couple of surprises! I heart you lady!

I got this bad boy handicap sticker for SIX whole months. The nurse had written it out for three months but the doctor said to her... "You have met Heather...change that to six months!"
Gotta love a good Doctor! I know that I will be the popular car come Christmas shopping season!

This amazing husband washed my greasy hair in our backyard with the garden hose! The water was cold and bart had to rinse my hair while helping hold my neck -it was a pretty ugly sight, but sooooo worth it!

Gigi made homemade butternut squash soup and this yummy chicken dinner!

Tonight my jewelry will be hung and displayed on my jewelry frame! I can't wait to fill 'er up!
So yes, knee surgery is not recommended - but you honestly can't beat all of the fun perks!


jaime said...

i love it. bart washing your hair in the backyard is priceless!

i'm glad you are being taken care of so well. what a nice opportunity to sit and count your blessings!

Annemarie said...

Man, you deserve it!! You have a good man, there.

Take care!!!

I've used Diane MANY times for her handicap plates...LOVE 'EM!!

diane said...

I recommend you get a shampoo at a salon next time. You can go to The Haircut Store or something...totally worth it!

Glad you are getting spoiled.

Mark and Meghan said...

wow, that's a lot of LOVE! i still am in depression that you're just sitting on a couch...i wish i were there to help out a little too! love you...

Anonymous said...




sarah said...

Heather, you know you're faking the whole knee surgery thing. nice work. You even got Bart in on it. Who brought you pinkberry today- whatever! xoxoxo

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Knee surgery can't be fun, but you're sure lucky to have all that love! I love the photos of your hubby washing your hair with a backyard hose. That's classic! Should I say get well soon?

orcalver12 said...

ok so hanging out with you for the next 6 months. i have always wanted a handicap sticker. they always get the best parking. lucky you. you are very loved. we still want to bring you pizza

Amy said...

How many points was all that food, Heather? Whatever is right. I'm making you 1 point cookies girl.

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm glad you have a great husband and friends to get you through your re-cupe.

MBlairsLars said...

Heather, I love the wash job.....where can I sign up! You crack me up, Bart cracks me up more. You have a great husband.....Treasure him! Love ya, and get better soon, we need to run!

Mendenhalls said...

hope you're feeling better soon!